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Hi! I’m Sheila.

Welcome to my site. I’m Sheila Bergquist and I wanted a place for people to come to who are struggling with dealing with life and are alone. In the past eight years, I lost both my parents and most recently my brother…all of my immediate family. The only other family I have is sparse and consists of a couple of cousins who live about 2000 miles away from me. I have also lost many friends and pets (whose deaths were just devastating to me) in this time period.

When my brother unexpectedly passed away three months ago, it was such a shock, I am still trying to cope with it. Losing him was as painful as all the other deaths, but I also realized that for the first time in my life, I was totally alone…on my own…with life.

It is scary and paralyzing, at times, and I know there are others out there who are facing the same pain and fear. I also have suffered from anxiety/panic problems for most of my life, so it has thrown them into high gear. I hope that by visiting my blog and reading about how I feel and the experiences I’m having, it will help you too.

Please leave comments to let me know how you feel. In this way, we can not be so alone and can help each other cope with this challenging time in our lives.

Good thoughts to all of you,






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  • By Sharon, August 9, 2016 @ 11:10 pm

    Hi hon – great website beautiful!! I love you dearly ❤️💕😘

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